Software Engineer, System Admin, Security, & Blockchain


[[email protected] ~/Skills] $ ls -l 22 - GoLang (Cosmos SDK) 22 - Typescript (REST API) 22 - Rust, CosmWasm (Marketplace) 22 - Docker w/ Akash 21 - Cosmos SDK Blockchain 21 - ABET B.S IT (3mo 4.0) 20 - A.S General IT (2yr 3.66) 19 - MongoDB & Redis 18 - Git 17 - Java 16 - Linux System Admin (+ scripts) 14 - Python 13 - Growth Investing [[email protected] ~/Skills] $

[[email protected] ~/Contributions] $ ls -l 22 - Juno Network v12 22 - IBC Spaces Archive Bot 21 - @CosmosGovNotifs 21 - @CraftEconomy, REPO

Why I started doing games

Note: Projects out of date,

view github for latest :)

Daily Hypo-Backup

(( Debian; Bash ))

This project allowed for a quick and easy solution to our file backup needs. Due to the un-needed replication of certain aspects of data, this program allowed for faster and more efficient backups of our most critical data. This saved us hundreds of Gigabytes of storage on our servers which allowed for a major cost reduction in cloud infrastructure.


(( Java Spigot API 1.8 - 1.17))

Server Tools is the all in 1 management + tweaker for gamemodes which need lots of plugins. This tool aims to simplify your workload and put a lot of simple features in 1 place. This plugin makes it easy to manage any server type. Specifically Event, Skyblock, and Hub servers.

With over 100 individual modules and support back to 2014 versions, this is a great addition for legacy and new server instances.


BASH SysAdmin Panel

(( Debian; BASH ))

This private panel was designed from scratch to make previously tedious task for Spigot Administrators a breeze. It does this by allowing console access, service maintenance, as well as security updates and setups quick and simple. I personally use it daily in all my machines and I do not know how I lived without it before.

ZONES - Gamemode

(( Spigot API 1.8/1.16 ))

Zones is a custom gamemode I wrote which is a spin on the Minecraft VOID event, as well as zone areas like Fortnite. Since the following videos were filmed, a 1.8 version has been programmed as well which uses lagless spawn of particles, as well as player compasses to forward to the next zone. This gamemode was extremely difficult to program due to all of the edge cases, but overall was a super fun and unique way to continue to challenge myself.

Zones 1.16 - Map 1
Zones 1.16 - Map 2

Moving Train

(( Java Spigot API 1.16 ))

Here is a custom train I wrote for my minecraft Events server EVNT. This train was used like the MCUltimate bridge, bringing all of our players to the start of our ZONES gamemode (Futher down). This train took 350 lines of code, and has its own schematic saver for 2 sides, ignoring all air blocks which helps with its efficiency.